PCD & Natural Diamond Dies

Turn to our sister company Sanxin Wire Die, Inc. for high-performing dies of PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and natural diamond. Nano-Diamond America Inc and Sanxin Wire Die Inc work together to offer you the most efficient types of die to meet your needs in addition to our flagship Nano-Die® product.

PCD Dies
Scaled Die Close UpPCD is superior to naturally occurring diamond when used in manufacturing. It wears better and lasts longer. Of course, PCD die wear is expected. When this happens, dies made of PCD wear evenly in contrast to natural diamond, which has the tendency to develop unacceptable ovality.

Predictable performance, excellent surface finish, and long life, are required in the wire tooling industry, which is why many manufacturers are choosing PCD dies. Another key reason for this preference is the improved price performance. For these reasons, there is a steady increase in the use of PCD over Tungsten Carbide dies.

Sanxin supplies large numbers of PCD dies. We prefer Sumidia® PCD from Sumitomo Corp. of Japan and Xinya® PCD, a PCD product range of Chinese manufacture.

Sumidia is a fully-featured PCD range, particularly noted for its high surface finish capabilities and for availability of very large blanks when required. Dies manufactured using Xinya PCD Blanks offer spectacular price/performance figures. In these instances, the metal being drawn is not harder than ¼ hard stainless steel and surface finish is not the first consideration. However, when the wire is drawn down further, there are ample opportunities to put a perfect surface finish on the wire as it reaches the final diameter. Use the fine-grain Sumidia or the natural diamond dies to finish.

Count on our sister company to offer a variety of factory recut and die service facilities. We urge you to use Sanxin’s die service so you can experience the attention to detail that is part and parcel of its operation.

Natural Diamond Dies
natural diamondsDies using natural diamond nibs also have the advantage that they impart a surface finish second to none on the finished wire. Count on Sanxin for a plentiful selection of natural diamond wire-drawing dies. We have found our sister company’s natural diamond dies to be far superior to the competition.

Sanxin informs its customers fully regarding which ND Nib is used in every Sanxin ND Die sold. The ND Nib Code is also associated with a minimum guaranteed Nib thickness. This is the key factor in determining the recut performance, which essentially is how far die can be enlarged before it reaches the end of its useful life. We invite you to compare Sanxin’s information in the public domain. All of these factors are what make the price and performance of Sanxin’s dies superior to others.

Single Crystal Nibs
Single crystal nibs (sometimes referred to as “Monodie” blanks) are synthetic diamond blanks with extremely predictable wire-drawing characteristics. As the supply of naturally occurring diamond blanks is becoming less stable, single crystal nibs have become the choice of many.

You can use Sanxin’s Single Crystal dies for wire-drawing applications where natural diamond would be used. As natural diamonds become more expensive, single crystal nibs become an increasingly affordable alternative.

Contact us today to find out why Sanxin’s PCD and natural diamond dies offer the greatest benefits to your manufacturing operation. Based in Charlottesville, VA, we serve clients around the world.