The Nano-Die®

nano shaped

The sector shaped Nano-Die® – square, rectangular hex and trapezoid shaped dies are also available.

The diamond coating of Nano-Dies® make this tooling exceptional in durability and smoothness. Nano-Diamond America is offering its newest version of the Nano-Die® and it offers greater benefits than ever to manufacturers. Expect a smoother surface, lower level of friction, and increased price performance today’s Nano-Dies®.


Nano-Dies® for Cable Compacting and Stranding

The Nano-Die® for compacting and stranding

The Nano-Die® for compacting and stranding

There is a huge amount of raw material and money to be saved or lost in the stranding and compacting operations of energy cable manufacture. Using Nano-Dies® equates to maximum operational savings and minimum loss of materials.  Many cable manufacturers have found replacing tungsten-carbide dies with Nano-Die® has resulted in significant raw material savings.

Nano technology has now delivered dramatic improvements. Nano-Dies® enable an additional 2% of total raw material to be saved due to zero wear during the entire life of the die.

Nano-Dies® are available up to Ø120mm and more. PCD dies can be more expensive than Nano-Dies® by a factor of 20 times or more depending on diameter.


Nano-Dies® for Wire & Tube Drawing

The Nano-Die® for drawing tube Ø117.50mm

The Nano-Die® for drawing tube Ø117.50mm

Low cost, low friction, and long life can result in significant price and performance improvements over PCD and tungsten-carbide dies.   Some such wire and tube applications include:

• Low Carbon & Stainless Steel
• Non-Ferrous Metals
• Copper, Aluminum & All Alloys–Especially Where Mechanical & Electrical Properties Must Be Optimized.

Note particularly the very significant price and performance savings of large Nano-Dies®.


Nano-Die® Hardness
Nano-Die® offers manufacturers an exceptional lifespan free of wear. This is because the multiple layers of unidirectional, nanocrystalline, diamond coating are applied using a highly controlled, high-pressure CVD process to pattern-lock the diamond particles. Nano-Dies® are harder than a PCD die. For compacting applications, our dies hold zero tolerance for an average of 500 to 800km of cable compacted.


Lower Friction
The Nano-Die® is as smooth as it is hard. Friction causes damage and increases electrical resistance. Our dies have lower surface friction than PCD or Tungsten Carbide dies. Because of this, they do less damage to the micro-structure of the individual conductor. The smooth Nano-Die® surface facilitates use of less material for the same electrical resistance specification.


Price Performance

The hex shaped Nano-Die®

The hex shaped Nano-Die®

The cost of a Nano-Die® can be about the same as the cost of a PCD die for a 2mm diameter. However for 3mm diameter or larger, the price difference increases by an order of magnitude. Nano-Die® also can be supplied at much greater diameter than is possible for a PCD die. Our customers have reported that for many of their applications, Nano-Die® from Nano-Diamond America is the most cost effective option. Forget servicing requirements and keep Nano-Die® spares in stock as you see fit.


Customer-Specified or NDA-Recommended Profile
The profile of a Nano-Die® can be delivered based on our recommendation for your materials, drawing or compacting parameters. Alternately, if you prefer, NDA agents will work with you exactly to your die profile specifications. Conoptica report verification is available as required. Attention to detail in the compacting profile is an important part of the Nano-Diamond America service.


nano profileExample Compacting Profile Notes
1. RA α=20° ~22° Unless Specified
2. Approach Angle β=60° ~ 80° °
3. Blending Y (between α and β =40° ~ 55°)
4. All Zones Well Blended


Nano Die® Bore Diameter & Surface Quality Over Time
It is well known that the quality of a PCD die deteriorates over time due to two related factors. First, the relatively soft filler materials wear away, exposing the jagged edges of the diamond particles, which increases surface friction. As this process continues, the work-piece begins to “pull out” bits of diamond material from the PCD material and this is what causes the bore diameter to increase.

pcd degradation

By comparison, a Nano-Die® holds a +0 tolerance during its entire life. This is due to the extreme hardness of the nanocrystalline diamond surface. The Nano-Die® surface quality actually improves over time. the tops of the highly structured nanocrystalline particles may be flattened over time due to the action of the work-piece, causing unmeasurably small increase to bore diameter, but causing the surface quality to become better than when the die was new.

Nano Die Surface Improvement

Nano Die® Service

The Nano-Die® lasts longer.

The Nano-Die® lasts longer.

PCD dies require regular polishing and recutting service in order to keep them in operation. Nano-Dies require no repolishing or die service throughout their lifetime. They are trouble-free. Recutting of a Nano-Die is not considered, due to the low cost of replacement.

Contact us today to use the new Nano-Die® for your industrial application. Based in Charlottesville, VA, we serve clients around the world.